There are plenty of benefits to including plants in your home’s décor. From the health benefits plants offer to the fun decorative touches they add, introducing some plants to your rental property is the best way to liven up your home.


Plants Improve Your Wellbeing

Generally, plants have a great effect on your mood. They can reduce stress, improve your mood and enhance concentration. Adding a few green friends to your home may even lower your blood pressure, reduce your anxiety and increase your attentiveness. Overall, plants are good for your mental and emotional health and may even improve your wellbeing.


Purify Your Home’s Air

According to studies conducted by NASA, Pennsylvania State University and the University of Georgia, indoor plants can purify your home’s air. Indoor plants are known for absorbing carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds like benzene and formaldehyde. If you want to keep the air in your home as clean as you possibly can, some of the most purifying plants include royal ferns, aloe vera, spider plants, English ivy and snake plants.


Add Some Color to Your Residence

Thanks to their bright colors and funky shapes, plants are great for livening up a residence. Most rental properties have a lot of beige or white in them, as well as limitations to how you can decorate. Plants add plenty of color to a dull apartment and serve as a great form of decoration that won’t cause any damage to your rental property.


Use Plants as Seasonal Decorations

Plants make great seasonal decorations as well. From poinsettias to tulips and sunflowers, plants easily capture the spirit of the given season and look great as a decoration. Using small plants as décor makes decorating for each season much easier than using wall, table or door decorations.


Grow Your Own Food

Arguably the best use for indoor plants is to grow your own food. From herbs to small lemon trees and vegetable plants, you can grow a significant amount of food even if you live in a small rental property. Using indoor plants to grow your own food helps you save on groceries and is an eco-friendly way to get your food.


Take Pride in Caring for a Plant

There’s a certain sense of pride one can get from taking care of plants and making sure they thrive. This sense of fulfillment is great for people who enjoy responsibility but don’t want to have a pet. Luckily, not all plants require a significant amount of care. Some plants, like air plants and snake plants, are very low-maintenance, which means that even the busiest tenant can enjoy the pride of caring for a plant.


No matter what type of plants you choose to bring into your home, you’ll love the positive effect they’ll have on your emotional, mental and physical health as well as the beauty they’ll add to your space.


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