Sharing space with other people can be difficult, especially if it’s your first time living with roommates. However, there are steps you can take to ensure that your space is divided up cleanly and evenly among roommates. One of the most contentious spaces for roommates is the refrigerator, however, following these tips will ensure you and your roommates effectively share refrigerator space in an organized, respectful and clean way.


Designate Refrigerator Space for Each Roommate

Set aside certain spaces in the refrigerator for each roommate. This ensures that each roommate knows where they can store their food and just how much food they need to buy. If there are only two residents, each of you can have a shelf. If there are more residents, you’ll likely need to get a bit more creative. If necessary, use washi tape or painter’s tape to divide up spaces in the refrigerator so each roommate knows what space is theirs.


Use Labels for Your Food

Labeling your food is one of the best ways to effectively share a refrigerator with roommates. Aside from ensuring that none of your roommates accidentally eats food that belongs to you, it will also keep your refrigerator space looking neat and organized.


Set Rules for Sharing Food

Although each roommate should be responsible for purchasing their own food, there should be rules in place regarding communal foods. Condiments, sauces and other staples like milk are likely to be shared among roommates. Make sure to set up rules for what foods are off limits for your roommates and which ones are up for grabs.


Decide How Frequently the Refrigerator Will Be Cleaned

As a household, you and your roommates should decide how frequently you intend to deep clean the refrigerator. Take stock of the refrigerator once a week to ensure there isn’t any food that’s gone bad. Make sure to deep clean the refrigerator once every couple of weeks as well. Being on the same page with your roommates about how often the refrigerator will be cleaned and how the responsibility for cleaning it will be divided keeps responsibilities even among roommates.


Be Responsible for Your Own Food

Take responsibility for your food. If something goes bad, remove it from the refrigerator as soon as possible. Make sure you are purchasing the right amount of food, so you don’t have too much food for your designated space and aren’t forced to mooch food from your roommates.


Set Boundaries

Setting boundaries about shared foods is important when sharing a refrigerator. If you don’t want to share your food, say so. If you’re okay with your roommates having some of your leftovers without asking, say so. Clear communication and boundaries are vitally important when sharing a refrigerator.


Keep the Refrigerator Symmetrical

Dividing the refrigerator up as symmetrically as possible ensures that each roommate has an even amount of space for their food. Additionally, this keeps the refrigerator looking organized and clean.


Although it can be difficult sharing refrigerator space with roommates at first, it’s not impossible. Following these tips ensures that you and your roommates effectively share refrigerator space in a way that’s respectful, organized and clean.


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