Working out while living in an apartment can be a challenge, especially if your apartment complex doesn’t have a gym or workout facility. Here are some great exercises you can do in your apartment whether your apartment complex has a gym or not.


Apartment Cardio

  • Quiet Burpees – In order to not disturb your neighbors, do burpees at a slower pace than normal. You’ll start out in a plank, do a pushup, then stand up and do one jumping jack and repeat.
  • Planks – This toning exercise is perfectly silent and doesn’t require much movement, which your neighbors will appreciate. Just get into position as if you were to do a pushup, then get on your elbows and hold for about a minute. You can also do this exercise on your side.
  • Pushups – This classic exercise tones your arm and chest muscles and provides a little bit of cardio.
  • Sit-ups – This simple exercise classic will tone your core and help you get stronger. Start by lying on your back with the soles of your feet resting flat on the ground. Then, just sit up. Regularly doing sit ups results in strong core muscles, and, since it’s low impact and quiet, your neighbors won’t be disturbed.
  • Wall squats – Strengthen you leg muscles by doing wall squats. Simply put your back against a wall, then slide down to resemble sitting in a chair. Hold for about a minute.


Another great resource to use if your apartment doesn’t have a gym, or only has a very small workout facility, is the apartment pool. During the warmer months, this space is great for getting in a little bit of cardio.


Pool Workouts

  • Jogging in Place – Jogging in place in a pool provides extra resistance for your cardio.
  • Squat Jumps – This simple exercise is executed by standing in the shallow end, squatting and then jumping up out of the water.
  • Flutter Kicks – Face the edge of the pool and hold onto the ledge. Then, kick your legs as fast as you can, just like you did when you were first learning to swim. The extra resistance provided by the water will help to strengthen your leg muscles.
  • Bicycle Kicks – Stand facing away from the edge of the pool. Hold onto the ledge behind you and do bicycle kicks. Just like flutter kicks, you’ll be strengthening your leg muscles and getting cardio.


Living in an apartment doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your workout routine. There are plenty of ways to get in some exercise even though you have neighbors and limited space.


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