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Necessary Forms for Residents

Typically, it is advised that most of your interactions with your landlord be in the form of written communication. As such, using forms for common landlord-tenant interactions make this relationship more seamless. For your convenience, we have compiled all forms current and prospective residents will need. Whether you are just beginning the application process, need to pay rent, will be moving out soon or simply need to contact an agent, all of the forms you need are located on this page.

90 Day Move Out Notice

When moving out of a Scott Brown rental property, you are required to submit a written notice to vacate 90 days prior to your move out date. You should also be sure to provide a forwarding address, so we can send your security deposit refund to you once it is processed.

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Move Out Checklist

Returning your rental property to the state it was in when you moved in is one of the best ways to ensure your security deposit will be refunded. For your convenience, Scott Brown Properties has developed a detailed move out checklist that will help you make your rental property squeaky clean and ready for the next resident.

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If you need any assistance filling out one of these forms, one of our experienced leasing agents will be more than happy to help you!

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