We know that furnishing a rental property can be a hassle and a financial burden. Luckily, we’ve collected our top ten websites for stylish, affordable furniture and home décor.


  1. Structube

Structube has fashionable furniture, lighting and home accessories at seriously affordable prices. Here, you can fine tables, bed frames and sofas for less than $500, as well as stylish lamps, chest of drawers, office furniture and more.


  1. Target

Target’s furniture and home accessory collections are known for being stylish and remaining budget-friendly. Because most cities have at least one Target, you also might be able to save on shipping costs, which makes it the perfect place for renters to score affordable furniture.


  1. Muji

This Japan-based company offers sleek minimalist furniture and home accessories at cost-effective prices. If you prefer for your home to have clean lines and simple colors, Muji is the best place for you to find furniture.


  1. Urban Outfitters

Here, you’ll find inexpensive furniture like couches and accent tables, as well as bedding and home accessories like wall decorations, curtains and kitchen accessories. If you want your rental property to have a comfy, bohemian look and feel, Urban Outfitters is a great place to find furniture and décor.


  1. Wayfair

Wayfair is the quintessential affordable online database of furniture and home accessories. This site has every style of furniture, making it a great place to shop if you like having plenty of low-cost options.


  1. Pier 1

Pier 1 is one of the best places to find affordable, quirky and stylish accent furniture and home accessories. Plus, the fact that most cities have a physical Pier 1 store, means you might be able to save even more on shipping costs.


  1. H&M Home

For hip and trendy home accessories and décor, look no further than H&M Home. This branch of the clothing retailer has tons of affordable décor, from curtains, to holiday decorations and more.


  1. Overstock

Getting high quality, stylish furniture at a reasonable, discounted price is the best think about Overstock. Furnish your new rental property with the varied styles available on this site.


  1. Bed Bath & Beyond

As its name suggests, this store has plenty of small, affordable furniture as well as nice, often discounted accessories for your entire home.


  1. World Market

There are a variety of different styles at World Market, so each renter is sure to be able to find something that matches his or her preferred style. Additionally, most of the furniture and décor is budget-friendly.


Bonus: Hand-Me-Downs

Family members are one of your most useful resources in furnishing your new rental property. If your parents have an unused couch sitting in their basement, ask if you and your roommates can have it. Maybe your grandparents have some nice, sturdy vintage furniture in storage that they’d be happy to give or loan to you. Finding furniture completely free of charge is the most cost-effective option. We recommend getting free furniture and décor from family members or other trusted people, however, to prevent acquiring low quality furniture.


Furnishing your apartment or rental home doesn’t have to break the bank, and online stores, as well as relatives and close friends, are great resources.


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